Hi, I’m Julia, the owner and founder of 2 Little Mice.

2 Little Mice is a business born out of wanting something different for my own children. Children’s clothes do not need to be boring, mass made items which lack character. We can dress our children in beautiful handmade fabrics which they are excited to wear every day. I have been doing this with my two for many years and 2 Little Mice is my opportunity to share this passion with you.

Each of our items is aligned with 2 Little Mice values, which allow us to offer something extra special for our customers.

Handmade and Independent

As the business has grown, sure, I need some help so I have other sewing Mums on board. This allows us to ensure that every item purchased remains handmade to order. While you browse, we sew away in our studio in the beautiful Spa town of Harrogate in North England.

Supporting Small Businesses

Our independent nature means we also buy independently as well, so all fabrics are sourced from other small businesses. Every purchase made from 2 Little Mice is supporting small independent business every step of the way.

Unique Clothes our Children Want to Wear

Children love to have fun and they must be comfortable in their clothes. This means the softest fabrics, mixed with bright and colourful patterns that make getting dressed something to look forward to every morning.

When I first started the business my children would help choose every pattern. Now our range has expanded, this is not always possible. Each style, however, has been tested on our my own children and they wear 2 Little Mice funky baby clothes, everyday, through choice.

Enjoy our Collections!

I hope you enjoy our collections. If you are looking for my personal favourites, I love the rompers, baby & toddler leggings and harem pants!

Feel free to drop me a message directly through the chat function with any questions or for custom orders!

Julia x